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R&A Home Care

R&A Home Care has taken a unique level of non-medical senior care and shared it with Denver Metro Area population in need; including but not limited to care for the disabled, the blind, or short-term care services after day surgery, dialyses, dental procedures, or any other type of help you might require.

We specialize in providing quality, safe and affordable home care and assisted living services to elder clients and their families in Denver, wherever it is needed: in home or senior residence. We focus on non-medical assistance for the elderly, and we aim to provide an excellent level of care for each of our clients. Our caregivers do what they can to make life easier, more comfortable, and more meaningful for our clients.

We use a client-centred approach, where the client is entitled to choose their own caregiver, as well as the days and times of the service. Relative care is also rewarded in our company. It is of paramount importance to us that the seniors spend time with a caregiver with whom they are comfortable, as it’s one of the things we know will make a difference in their health and in their outlook. Please advise us promptly should there be any concerns or preferences regarding the caregiver, so we can see to the situation, as soon as possible.

Our caregivers are passionate about helping people and improving the lives of the people they assist. More than that, they want seniors to live their lives with the dignity they deserve. Our staff is committed to providing the necessary assistance that the seniors need, while enabling them to live their daily lives in ease, comfort, and self-respect.

Each caregiver goes through criminal background checks and extensive training before being placed with our clients. Ensuring our clients’ safety, as well as the capability of our caregivers to render the assistance our clients need, is crucial to us. We understand if you have qualms, but know that you can always approach us for information about each caregiver.

Our caregivers speak a variety of languages and come from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  We want to provide a linguistically compatible, as well as a culturally relevant, caregiver as often as we can. This enhances the overall assisted living experience – especially for seniors from a different cultural background or who may speak a different language. Aside from creating a sense of ease and comfort in communication, the client may have other needs that they may be unable to fully express in a language other than their own.

R&A Home Care’s services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our services are covered by Medicaid, Long Term Insurance, and Private Pay.

We look forward to assisting you with making your life easier and more comfortable at the time of need.

R&A Home Care is here to help and provide reliable senior home care services when needed.

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